Getting Right for What’s to Come

Fred and Albert just posted their annual posts on predictions and issues to tackle for the coming decade. Both are great, and thinking about all that we will need to do to in the coming decade is both inspiring and intimidating. Before I can even think about those kinds of things and how to approach… Continue reading

Hello, 2016

Breaking the ice — been off the blogs for quite a while now. Looking forward to this year, the way I tend to every year.  2015 was a tough one for me personally — went through a bunch of shit on the family front that both demonstrated how tough life can be and also how… Continue reading

Turning 35

Today I turn 35. 30 was certainly a milestone, but somehow 35 feels more solidly different than 30 did (or maybe I’m just 5 years in to being used to 30-level grownup-ness).   Closer to 50 than to 20.  Gives me shivers thinking about it that way. For a while now, it’s seemed that every… Continue reading

Turning 17 for the Second Time

Today I turn 34. For some reason, I can’t get Fred’s post about turning 17 for the third time out of my head. As I have been approaching this milestone, I can’t help but feel like I’m turning the corner to a new phase. I definitely feel like the last 17 years have been about figuring… Continue reading

New Years Cleaning

I love milestones.  Times of year that mark change and give you a chance to pause and reset. I think that’s part of why I had such a hard time living in California during college, and why I appreciated the seasons so much when I moved back east.  They provide a very natural rhythm. The… Continue reading

Thinking about Freedom

For the past few weeks, I’ve been involved with a community effort to draft a declaration of freedom for the Internet.  On Monday, it went live on the web, and is starting to get discussed. It’s been an amazing, fascinating and inspiring year in the internet community.  Today, the Verge has a nicely-produced writeup on the… Continue reading

Joining MIT

My paperwork went through today, so I can finally say it in public without fear of jinxing myself… I am proud and very excited to say that I’m officially joining the MIT Media Lab as a visiting scholar, through the Center for Civic Media.  I’ve been coming here for the weekly lunches and research meetings for a while… Continue reading

Next up at Civic Commons

We just posted this morning on the Civic Commons blog that our founding Executive Director Andrew McLaughlin is now moving on to take a totally awesome job atTumblr, and that I’ll be moving into the ED role at CC as of today. It has been great working with Andrew since Civic Commons launched in May (and by “launched”, we… Continue reading

Hello, Brieza!

Two weeks ago, we were joined by the newest member of the fam: Brieza.  Brieza weighed in at a respectable 8 lbs 9 oz and has been busy sleeping away her days since.  So far, having 2 kids hasn’t been as overwhelming as some people suggested it might be, but I’m sure we’re just still… Continue reading

Hey there, 2011

I love the new year.  It’s a so nice to have a time where a) pretty much everyone takes a break for a few weeks and b) you get to magically clean the slate and start fresh.  Rest, and a new start. Awesome. For the past few years, I’ve been writing down my goals for… Continue reading

Welcome Theo

Introducing the newest member of the clan: Theo.  It’s now been nearly two weeks since Theo joined us, and it’s been pretty amazing (and tiring) thus far.  I’ve been intentionally keeping him off of the public intertubes, but figured one cute “hello, world” shot was safe enough.  I am enjoying every minute, while secretly waiting… Continue reading