Museum Mile Festival

If you haven’t heard about it, the Museum Mile Festival is coming up again this June 13th. Every June, 23 blocks of 5th Avenue (between 82nd & 105th Streets) are closed for a giant block party – pretty awesome. All the museums along the mile open to the public, and there are all sorts of arts & music events along the way (and by the way, I re-did their website for them last year).

And off they go…

I’m proud to say that PPS and GRDN are both up and running. In fact, just the day after opening, GRDN got their first web order. Way to go!

Launch Weekend!

This weekend will be big – two great launches are coming up – the new and improved GRDN site, and a redesiged and realigned Stay tuned…

Hello, World!

This is the first post of the newly redesigned site. It’s nothing fancy, but I’m excited because I’ve always wanted a black-on-black site (and haven’t had the nerve to do it until now).  I’ll be adding more as I have time over the next few weeks.