Internet meets world: rules go boom


Since 2006, I’ve been writing here about cities, the internet, and the ongoing collision between the two.

Along the way, I’ve also loved using Tumblr to clip quotes off the web, building on the idea of “the slow hunch” (the title of this blog) and the “open commonplace book” as a tool for tracking the slow hunch over time.

Today, I’m launching the next iteration of both: Internet Meets World.

On IMW, I’ll be tracking the big questions, like:

I’ll still continue to blog here, but will syndicate certain posts — those specifically digging into the macro / legal / policy / societal issues created by the collision of the internet and the world, on IMW.   In addition to collecting my own posts, I’ll also be collecting other articles from across the web, and will move my quote clipping from tumblr into Medium.

I’m also looking for one or more co-editors for IMW.  If you’re interested, shoot me an email at nick [at] usv [dot] com, including a handful of links / quotes that you think really capture the essence of this conflict / opportunity.


2 comments on “Internet meets world: rules go boom”

Hi Nick, I just sent you an email regarding my interest in serving as a co-editor. Looking forward to reconnecting. Dave

Hi Nick – is this still a thing? The link serves a 404 (and security warning). Would love to collaborate on this if you’re moving forward with it.

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