WebFWD: Accelerating a Better Internet

I’ve always loved Mozilla‘s mission and tactics – using awesome consumer products as the lever to make the web a better place to be.

That’s why I’m happy to join their WebFWD accelerator program as a scout.  That just means that I’m one of many folks who are on the lookout for products and companies that would be a good fit for the WebFWD program.

WebFWD is a slightly different kind of accelerator — it’s not a full-court-press in-person bootcamp, and it doesn’t take an equity stake for participation.  The idea is to give promising projects that advance the mozilla mission that extra boost they need to become real (or even more real).

WebFWD recently graduated its second class, and has just welcomed its third.  You can see the whole list of projects and companies in the WebFWD family here.

Here’s to the continued development of products and businesses that promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web.