My Public Folders on Google Reader


I love Google Reader. I’ve used it for a long long time now to keep tabs on things.  I suppose it’s an old school method at this point, but I think it’s just great.

The screengrab above is one of my home screens on my galaxy s3.  I have moved to a widgets-only mobile desktop, which has become one of my favorite things about the switch from iPhone to Android.

Perhaps my favorite part is the way you can “set it and forget it”. When I come across an interesting blog, I save it to one of my reader folder, and then at some point later I get the happy surprise of finding a post from that blog in my feed.

Just the other day I figured out how to make reader feeds public.  So here are the ones that I use the most:

  • Geek Crush – I’ve been adding to this list for years, and it now has ~100 smart tech folk in it: hackers, thinkers, founders, VCs, etc.
  • Net Policy – started earlier this year and now following ~50 people and orgs in the tech policy space.  Pretty great source of news and commentary if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Peer Economy – this one is brand new and far from complete, but I’m working on it. 15 or so blogs following the peer economy space.  What’s that, you ask?  Here’s a hackpad overview and a list of companies – both very early.