Help! Can't drop

When I couldn’t sleep the other night, I started mocking up a zippy drag-n-drop front end for Trac, based on the snappy UI of tools like Things (working title is FasTrac).  Then, bam! Bitten by a weird, seems-like-a-bug w/ jQuery UI drag and drop.  It appears that droppables aren’t discoverable by draggables if the droppable has a fixed width.  I have a hard time believing that’s true, yet here I am.  I posted to the jQuery UI list, but haven’t heard back yet.

Any ideas?  I’m sure I’m missing something super obvious…

Here’s a working example illustrating the problem.

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Problem solved — adjusting the droppable ‘tolerance’ to ‘pointer’ did the trick. The default tolerance requires that 50% of the draggable overlap the droppable to fire hover. Thanks to Scott Gonzalez for the tip.

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